Capillary / Micro Scale Columns

Shim-pack MC Series

Standard Columns for High Sensitivity Analysis of
Components in Biological Samples with Metal
Coordinative Adsorption Suppressed


Analysis Column Shim-pack MC C18

Trapping Column Shim-pack MCT C18/C8

-  Micro-bore ODS column compatible with a mobile phase flowrate of
   1 μL/min to several dozen μL/min
-  Suppressing of metal coordinative adsorption by inactivation of the column
   parts in contact with solution
-  In addition to low molecular compounds, enabling even analysis of
   peptides and other polymers
◆ Improved LCMS Sensitivity by Analysis with Micro Solvent Delivery
The use of a micro-bore column compatible with mobile phase flowrates
as low as 1 μL/min significantly improves the sensitivity of LCMS analysis.
◆ Excellent Durability in Routine Analyses of Biological Samples
Stable peak forms and retention times are obtained even after 1500
injections of plasma samples with only deproteinization by organic solvents.



◆Product Lineup

Analysis Column
Shim-pack MC Particle Size Length / i.d. 0.15 mm 0.175 mm 0.3 mm
C18 1.9 µm 50 mm 228-59937-95 228-59937-93 228-59937-1
Trapping Columns
Shim-pack MCT Particle Size Length / i.d. 0.3 mm 0.5 mm
C8 3 µm 35 mm 228-59939-91 228-59939-92
C18 3 mm 35 mm 228-59938-91 228-59938-92

YMC-Triart Columns for Micro / Nano LC

YMC-Triart is a hybrid silica column prepared from well-controlled particle formation technology which is adapted from micro-reactor technology. The recently developed production step results in truly narrow particle and pore size distributions! With YMC-Triart micro/nano UHPLC/HPLC columns, wide pH ranges, high temperatures and even 100% H2O eluents are no longer a limitation to the day-to-day work in laboratories. Most importantly, due to its unique particle composition, a balanced hydrophobicity and silanol activity are achieved.


◆ Product Lineup

  Particle Size Length / i.d.  0.3 mm 0.5 mm
Triart C18 1.9 µm 50 mm  980-21968 980-24892
100 mm 980-25289 980-25290
150 mm 980-21967 980-24893
Guard* 980-24894 980-24895
3.0 µm 50 mm 980-24887 980-24888
100 mm 980-25287 980-25288
150 mm 980-24889 980-24890
Guard* 980-24891 980-21969
Triart Bio C4 1.9 µm 50 mm 980-24902 980-24903
100 mm 980-25293 980-25294
150 mm 980-24904 980-24905
Guard* 980-24906 98024907
3.0 µm 50 mm 980-24896 980-24897
100 mm 980-25291 980-25292
150 mm 980-24898 980-24899
Guard* 980-24900 980-24901

* Pack of 3 guard columns; length 5 mm; including column coupler; use of guard columns not recommended with 150 mm columns
All columns equipped with 1/16" fitting


Installation Guide

◆ UF-Link Column-MS Interface Connection Mechanism
With UF-Link, a column-MS interface connection mechanism for Shimadzu micro LCMS systems, simply place the column in the column oven
and swing over the lever to provide improved sensitivity, without the risk of sample diffusion outside the column.

Attach the adapter to the column.
The unified threads on the adapter
make it compatible with a
wide variety of columns.

Place the column in the UF-Link
mechanism inside the oven.

Complete the connection by
swinging over the lever.

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