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1. Agreement

By accessing and using the website, you accept and agree to the terms of this agreement. In addition, when using this websites services, you shall be aware that posted guidelines and information can be modified or updated at any time.

Any participation in this website will constitute acceptance of this agreement. If you don’t agree with the above, please don’t use

The provided content on is for informational purposes only. Shimadzu Europa GmbH is not responsible or liable and can’t guarantee for the correctness and availability of the content.

2. Service

a.) Shimadzu Deutschland GmbH provides on his website various information about products and applications for online reading and as download. Although we work with great care on our website, we are not able to guarantee you fullest correctness and completeness.

b.) We are entitled to change and take additions to the provided information. Also we can’t guarantee endless availability of our website due to possible server problems.

c.) The technical specifications or the general descriptions of our products could contain mistakes. Also not every product is available in every country, we recommend in any way to contact us, if you are interested in our products.

d.) We have the right to block your access to the Shimadzu Europa Website and the access to your Shimadzu-ID at any time, if you breach against our terms of use.

e.) If you want to use our Application Database, you need to register, with your e-mail address and your name. In our privacy policy is stated how Shimadzu Deutschland GmbH  is using your data.

f.) contains links to external, third-party websites (hyperlinks). Shimadzu Deutschland GmbH assumes no responsibility for the content of third-party websites.

3. Copyright

a.) Shimadzu Europa GmbH and its partners and licensors shall be entitled to all rights (copyrights, patents, brand names, rights of utilization, etc.) relating to all "" websites including their contents and the results generated or displayed by the presentation tools offered - in all design formats (data, layout, source text, software, content, functionality, sound, link lists, databases, animated pictures, etc.).

b.) The user shall not modify, process or translate, in whole or in part, the "" websites and the contents thereof or the results generated or displayed using the presentation tools offered without the written consent of Shimadzu Europa GmbH.

c.) The reproduction of pages, texts and / or individual articles shall not be permitted unless they are reproduced in full scope without any modification of their contents or addition of comments. An exception to this requirement is quotations marked as such and accompanied by a reference to their source.

4. Privacy Policy

Shimadzu Deutschland GmbH takes data security serious, for that we have a privacy policy, which describes how Shimadzu uses and protects your data. For more information’s please visit our privacy policy:

The use of this website shall be governed by German law

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