Reliable Operation

Accurate from Method Creation to Data Analysis

Smart MRM

The Smart MRM function automatically creates methods with measurement times optimized for each component. When creating methods for simultaneous multicomponent analysis, the complicated process of configuring measurement parameters previously made it difficult to prepare appropriate methods. By using the Smart MRM function, however, it is possible to automatically create methods with which data is acquired only during the elution time of the target components. In addition to MRM methods, SIM methods can also be created.

Smart Database

Information about optimal transitions is preregistered in the Smart Database. That means Smart MRM can be used to create optimized methods without having to evaluate analytical conditions.


The Smart Database provides powerful support for performing highly reliable analysis.

In particular, the "Smart Environmental Database" is extremely useful for analysis of environmental pollutants, which require trace analysis. Not only are MRM information and stable isotope labeled compounds (IS) for target analysis components registered in the Smart Environmental Database, but also the optimal columns for separating each compound are set, so trace analysis can be smoothly performed without having to set the conditions for each compound.

LabSolutions Insight

LabSolutions Insight has been designed to drastically simplify the review process and transform data processing. LabSolutions Insight

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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