Servocontroller 4830

4830 Servo Controller


■ Push test function for testing actual objects
Allows stable peak-value control using the test force, even for specimens with "play" (areas where no test force is applied).

■ Enhanced stability
Features overload prevention for manual operation and upthrust prevention that works when a hydraulic power supply unit starts up (automatically sets control error to zero).

■ Superb operability
The test conditions can be set on a touch panel or jog dial.
Test conditions including test frequency, test force, and displacement can be changed at any time during the test.
Intuitive screen displays allow operation without referring to the manual.

■ Highly versatile
Allows synchronous control of up to four testing machines (actuators).
Diverse waveform displays, including X-T, X-Y, and peak graphs. USB connection to a computer permits various test settings and advanced data acquisition.

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